Mixed vs. Single Gender Schools: Advantages of Mixed Schooling System

Mixed vs. Single Gender Schools: Advantages of Mixed Schooling System

Being a parent, it becomes a great responsibility to choose the right school for their child. Hence, they start to Google and take the help of local parents and colonies for better suggestions. These processes might take a long time to solve their problem.  Also, this method of searching would not be sufficient unless they are not experiencing it. Also, parents wonder whether to send their kids either to public school or private school. By the time when they decide to send either to a public or private school, then they start confusing either to send them to a same-gender school or a co-ed school. Hence we will discuss the details of same-gender schools or co-ed schools below and also try to understand the advantages of a mixed schooling system. 

What are same-gender schools and mixed schools?

Before the discussion, let us try to understand the difference between same-gender and mixed school i.e. Coed. Those schools having the same community and same-gender students like all boys or all girls are known as same-gender schools. Those schools having different communities or mixed-gender students like both boys and girls which are known as mixed schools or coed schools. Now, Let’s discuss the advantages of a mixed schooling system.

Gender equality

It is the right of both boys and girls to have a proper education, caring, jobs, and a better life in the future. Therefore, we must treat our children in the same manner. The best benefits of gender equality can be experienced in the examination without any special treatment for both boys and girls. They need to work hard for their test and marks. The best method of mixed schooling.

Develop personality and skills

Another best advantage of a mixed schooling system is both boys and girls are always ready to develop their skills and personality. The entire environment is coming under the competitive zone where both boys and girls are ready to show their talents. You might experience less competition in the same gender school. 

Teach respect for each other

Being parents we always teach our kids to respects, everyone. Similarly, the mixed schools have also their job and responsibility to teach respect for both boys and girls. It is very important to respect our opposite gender all the time. Such a process will also let you understand the valuation of both boys and girls in society. We would never experience the same thing in same-gender schools. 

Economical fees

Sometimes the amount of fees does matter to several parents in our society. There are so many parents unable to provide good education to their children due to high fees. Compare to the same gender school the mixed schools are having a low amount of fees. We are providing an educational opportunity for both boys and girls at the same time. 


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