How to get free Safaricom Data Bundles

How to get free Safaricom Data Bundles

How to hack Safaricom bundles or create Safaricom, Airtel bundles mwitu, including Telcom mwitu codes, either for your own use or as for commercial purposes. Creating bundles mwitu needs time and much knowledge. However, anyone can hack Safaricom/airtel bundles if they put their mind to it. Today am going to share with you this long-hidden trick.

How to create Safaricom/ Airtel bundles mwitu.

These are the steps to follow on how to create Safaricom Airtel bundles mwitu and even Telcom bundles mwitu to generate free Safaricom Airtel and Telcom mwitu codes.

 Android mediatek device (mtk) such as tecno, lenovo, infinix, infinix,injoo etc.
️Safaricom simcard, Telkom or Airtel .
️An IMEI number that has data resources attached to it.

Create Safaricom Airtel bundles mwitu by tweaking method.

  1. Write down this IMEI 3515620702 (this IMEI is for 500MB only). You can save it in your notepad or somewhere easy to remember.
  2. Add any digits to the IMEI number to make it 15 digits and when I did mine I got this 351562070264999. Write any digit as long as it sums to 15 digits.
  3. Use the below procedures to tweak the IMEI you generated for your free 500MB Procedures on changing the IMEI number: This procedure is for creating free 500MB, 1GB, 1.5GB, and 2gb+ free data bundles mwitu.
  4. Click here link1 or here link2 to download and install
    Mobile uncle
    tool if you don’t have it. 
    Open the mobile uncle tool and scroll to
    Engineering mode (MTK)
    and click it. Click on CDS information.
  5. Click the Radio information and you will get phone 1 and phone 2.
    Depending on the sim IMEI you wish to change,
     Phone 1 is sim 1 and
    phone 2 is sim 2
    5. To change sim 1 IMEI number, touch phone 1
    and in the
    popup, touch the AT+
  6. Touch any key on the keyboard to pop up the keyboard. On the keyboard, you type any single letter and cancel only the letter you have typed.
    Immediately you can notice the scribes that are required for you It looks like AT+EGMR=1,7“”
  7. Click the first row and after you will notice the simple “” delete the last inverted comma and type the IMEI number you generated.
  8. Verify the typed IMEI numbers, then close the inverted commas “
  9. Click the ‘SEND AT COMMAND’ Once the pop-up display indicates AT
    command successfully send.
  10. Reboot your phone and put on your data and leave it for about 15mins. Send the IMEI numbers you generated to 440 and within a few minutes, you should receive a notification text notifying you of the free data!! OR You can just put on your data and go to to redeem your free megabytes.

Now back to business. This post is all about tweaking Safaricom, Airtel, or Telcom bundles and when you tweak you get either 500MB, 1GB, 1.5GB, or 2GB, and these free gigabytes can be used on any internet-enabled device once its activated on an android first.

In the next article, I will share how to create tokens ‘mwitu’, and how to browse for free on Safaricom using this app… Stay tuned or follow our posts by subscribing.

Create Safaricom Airtel bundles mwitu above procedure worked for me that’s why I shared this post. If this did not work for you kindly leave a comment. Will be happy to help.

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