8 Reasons Why Short Girls make The Best Girlfriends

8 Reasons Why Short Girls make The Best Girlfriends

What would the world be without shorts girls? What would classic beauty look like…and would true love even exist? Perhaps I’m getting a little carried away with the rhetorical questions, but truth be told…short girls make the world a better place.

Not only are they adorable, it is astounding how so much endowment, wit, intelligence and love fits in a package so exquisitely tiny. And while they have many disadvantages like not being able to reach the top shelf every time they want something from it, and generally being dependent on others for certain thing, they are a treat to date. They make the most perfect and amazing girlfriends. Below are 8 reasons why you should date a short girl:

Short girls are adorable
Short girls, especially when petite, are super adorable. Everything they do is so cute: When she laughs, and she looks like a little cute child laughing; when she is yelling at you with hips on her hand, but all you see is a little teddy bear trying to stay animated and you just want to pick her up and play with her; When she hits your chest becuase she is mad, but it feels like a tickle because her hand is so small and soft; when she takes a few cocktails and starts misbehaving y because her tiny body can’t really take much alcohol and she is high but she is still cute as hell…the list goes on and on. Basically, what she lacks in height, she makes up for in personality and that makes it hard to not just love her.

Short girls are quite feminine
Not to shade tall girls or anything, but short girls tend to be more proportionate physically and are actually more feminine. Studies have shown that Short women’s increased have more estrogen in their bodies which not only makes them look more feminine, it makes them more sensitive, nurturing, and interested in children and family. Basically, they are naturally wife materials.

Short girls will stick with you forever
Ever wondered why most of the most romantic love stories and classics always feature a short woman? When a short girl gets with you, they have a tendency to stick with you forever…and in a good way. They have so much love to give, they do not necessarily need a great reason to love you because they see past your fears and inadequacies…probably because they know that you love them no matter how short they are.

Having sex with short girls is more enjoyable
Yes. It is what it is. Any honest and experienced man who has been with a short girl will let you know that he found it more pleasurable having sex with women who are short. This is mostly because they weigh less, and that creates room for so many possibilities and experimenting when it comes to sex positions. You can toss them in the air, spin them around, and hold them holding you upside-down by the ankles without necessarily hurting your back. You can be much more adventurous with your sex life with a short girlfriend.

Short girls don’t age!
Is she 15, is she 21 or is she 18? You just cannot really say until they tell you. They do not age like every other person does, because their skin doesn’t crumble easily – there is a lesser surface area to cover. They look so much younger than people their age, and they age very gracefully as well… that makes them irresistible. What man does not want a woman who will keep looking young, hot and sexy on his arm?

Hugging, kissing and cuddling is awesome
Believe it or not, hugging, kissing and cuddling is better with a short girl. It feels so much nicer. There is the melting effect when you rest your chin on her head while you hug her and she listens to your heart beat for her. It is the cutest thing.

Also, the way she has to stand up on her toes to kiss you, like in the movies…it is an incredibly egoistic and romantic moment at the same time. With cuddling as well, you can wrap her up in one arm and still have one free to eat your chicken wings or something. With her, it really is a win-win.

You feel incredibly manly around her
She will need you help for a lot of things that her hands can’t reach or her body weight cannot support and that alone will make you feel helpful. You can easily carry her with ease to the bed should she fall asleep on the couch and that should make you feel like prince charming carrying sleeping beauty. And when you are out for dinner and she decided to wear heels, you will not feel threatened by the possibility of her looking taller than you. Basically, there will be very little occasions for to make you feel emasculated rather she will be a boost to your ego as a man.

You won’t have to spend a lot of money on her
Short girls are rarely high maintenance. You will not face the problem of being broke from spending too much on them. They don’t need much food to keep their body going and even at that, they are usually always too conscious of what they eat so they don’t get fat. Getting clothes for them can be as easy as picking something from the children’s section as well. Basically, you save a lot on dates and shopping.

If you are currently dating a short girl, then you already know how special and cute they! And PS: This is not an article to slight tall girls or anything. It is a fun piece to highlight the perks of having a short one on your arms.
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