How To Transfer Money From Payoneer Directly To Your Local Bank Account Instantly

How To Transfer Money From Payoneer Directly To Your Local Bank Account Instantly

Even after earning some Cents to your Payoneer Wallet, The number one thing you should have in mind is how to withdraw money from your Payoneer card or account if you don’t have an acquired card readily available.

There are many ways through which Payoneer funds can be withdrawn to a bank. you can either do that directly by adding a bank to your Payoneer and withdrawing straight to your local bank account, Withdrawing via ATM, Through Transferwise, or Using Exchangers.

There are many Payoneer exchangers through which you can cash out your funds. You can get some via this search query “Payoneer Exchangers

Then when it comes to withdrawing directly from Payoneer to the Bank by manually adding your local bank and initiating withdrawal below steps is required. You might want to learn this if you don’t have a Payoneer card.

How To withdraw from PayPal to Local Bank without Payoneer Master Card

Follow the below steps to withdraw from Payoneer directly to any local bank from any country which supports the use of Payoneer.

Login to Your Payoneer Account and Click on withdraw funds to Bank. You can do that by clicking here directly.

You might not see the withdrawal button if you don’t have funds in your account. You might need like $200 before the withdrawal button can be enabled for the new Payoneer account. From the next step, you will see the page to add your bank details if you haven’t added them to your Payoneer before.

Add your bank details correctly and select the currency you want to withdraw from. You can follow the complete steps here on how to Add Bank to your Payoneer account.

Enter Your withdrawal details which means selecting the required bank to which you want to transfer funds. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click on the review button.

Review the transaction details to make sure everything is correct. If your details are right, then click on the withdraw button. If your details aren’t correct, you can edit and change them before withdrawing.

After that, the next page will show you a successful transaction message. This means your transaction has been queued and will be completed from pending within 3 to 5 days.

Stay calm and wait for your alert.

The above withdrawal method always takes time and as such many people don’t like it, especially when you’re always in urgent need of your funds. You may want to get it instantly. If you have your Payoneer master card, you can withdraw your funds directly to your bank instantly using Transferwise.

How To Withdraw Money From Payoneer Card using Transferwise

Transferwise is a global payment processor which allows you to send and receive payments worldwide. It’s the easiest way to send money abroad with less Charges and with effectiveness (speed).

With Transferwise, You can send money from your Payoneer Card and get it directly to your Bank in less than 1hr. That’s awesome and still better than using the direct transfer we stated earlier which attracts more charges and more time.

To get started with your transfer, log in to your account, and from your dashboard click on Send money button.

Enter the amount you want to send and click on the continue button having seen the conversion rate..

From the next page, enter the recipient's Bank details. But if you want to send to your Bank and having linked your Bank to Transferwise you will need to click on transfer to yourself. Review your transaction, complete your transfer and wait for your alert in less than an hour.

Having Learned the above, let’s discuss other methods through which you can get your funds out in cash if the withdrawal button isn’t available for you, If you don’t have Payoneer Master Card and if you are afraid on the exchanger to use.

Whenever I want to withdraw funds without Card and scared of being scammed, I just go to a particular exchanger whom I already know to be legit. 

Using all of the above methods can get your money from Payoneer directly to your local Bank but the use of Transferwise and Payoneer Card is preferable because it saves time and charges and is also safer compared to using exchangers. The best of all is that “You will get your funds at the current naira to dollar exchange rate”. Kindly and tweet this page if you find it helpful.

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