Top Paying Banks in Kenya

Top Paying Banks in Kenya

If you are a graduate looking forward to working in a bank in Kenya, this article lists down some of the highest-paying banks currently operating in Kenya.

Most people think working in the bank is all about handling money while indeed bank employees do more than just handling your money, they have to be knowledgeable about a variety of financial products.

In Kenya, staff salaries can start from as low as Kshs. 10,000  per month but can advance to Kshs. 3 million in management positions, depending on the bank and the job responsibilities.

There are over 3o registered banks in Kenya. Some of them are local banks while a few others are international banks. To qualify to work in a bank, you are required to have a diploma, a degree or related course like CPA, depending on the job description.

For some other positions, previous experience in a similar or a related filed may be required. However, most banks still prefer employing fresh graduates straight from college and then train them.

Working in a bank is not just about cashing cheques and opening safety deposit boxes. There is a lot of work that goes behind closed doors. Bank workers work with customers on a wide range of services, from offering legal and financial advice to sales of financial services products, among others tasks.

In addition, your interpersonal as well as communication skills should be excellent as you will be dealing with clients most of the time.

When it comes to payments, there is no set salaries and how much each bank decides to pay it’s workers is determined by many factors. Most banks pay good salaries to their staffs while others not so good, especially if you have to consider the rising cost of living.

Nevertheless, most banks will not even agree to reveal how much they pay their workers. In some cases, some graduates just agree to be hired without proper knowledge of the tasks on hand to eventually end up getting dissapointed once they realize they got a raw deal.

To help you in making the right decision, we have listed some of the top paying banks in Kenya. Kindly note that these figures are coming from the people who have worked with some of these banks. We do not have a way to prove if they are correct or not.  If you are thinking of working in any of the listed banks, do your own background check before applying or accepting the job.

In addition, the said salaries are just meant to give you a rough idea of what you can expect while working in a Kenyan bank and they are not fixed. You can always negotiate for a better pay.

1.  Chase Bank

Graduate Trainee 35,000-55,000

2.  ECO Bank
Fresh Graduate/Graduate Trainee Sh 55,000-Sh 75,000

3.  NIC Bank
Fresh Graduate/Graduate Trainee Sh 55,000-Sh 75,000

4.  Cooperative Bank
Fresh Graduate /Graduate Trainee Sh 55,000-Sh 68,000
Direct Sales Representatives Sh 25,000

5.  Cfc Stanbic Bank
Fresh Graduate/Graduate Trainee Sh 60,000-Sh 80,000

6.  Standard Chartered Bank
Fresh Graduate/Graduate Trainee Sh 50,000-Sh 75,000

7.  Commercial Bank of Africa
Fresh Graduate/Graduate Trainee Sh 60,000-Sh 75,000

8.  I&M Bank
Fresh Graduate/Graduate Trainee Sh 45,000-Sh 70,000

9.  PTA Bank
Fresh Graduate Sh 60,000-Sh 80,000

10.  Central Bank of Kenya Fresh

Graduate 80,000-200,000

11.  Equity Bank Fresh

Graduate 25,000-50,000

12.  Kenya Banks

Tellers/Cashiers 30,000-68,000

13.  National Bank of Kenya

Graduate Clerk/Fresh Graduate 45,000-55,000

Here you have our list of the highest and lowest paying banks in Kenya. We highly recommend you to do your own background checks before settling on any of them.


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