How to Propose To Her in 9 Steps (Get Her to Say Yes)

How to Propose To Her in 9 Steps (Get Her to Say Yes)

Guys, you’ll know when you are ready for marriage.

There’s no said timeframe. You’ll know when you know. And if you don’t, well, you probably wouldn’t be looking for the answers we have prepared here.

Here is everything you will need to know to answer the question of “how to propose to her (and how do I get her to say YES to me)”.

Step 1: Pick a suitable engagement ring

You will need to find out her ring size and know what type of ring she will want. There is plenty of information on the diamond selection process and most guys tend to know how to shop.

From our experience, there can be delays with receiving an engagement ring - things beyond you or the jeweller’s control. This is why we encourage ring shopping to be the first step. Once you have the engagement ring, you can put the wheels in motion.

If you have absolutely no idea what your partner likes, I recommend that you have a chat about it.

“But won’t that spoil the surprise?” - you may ask.

Signalling your intent is a a great way to get her excited. For starters, she will know that you are ready to commit to your relationship, and secondly, most women will happily tell you what type of engagement ring they want.

By involving her into the decision process, you may discover that she wants a bespoke engagement ring - that is, not your typical jewellery chain store purchase. Or perhaps you will discover that she doesn’t want a diamond as her gem stone.

If you do not want to reveal your intentions, we recommend asking a close friend of hers. This is because friends always talk about relationships and I’m willing to bet that your partner has talked about engagement rings with her friends.

Step 2: Pick a date for the proposal

Once you have an engagement ring, pick a date for the surprise proposal to take place. The date doesn’t need to fall on an anniversary or a special date. Pick a date that gives you enough leeway to prepare and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Many guys choose to propose whilst on holiday together. Or, you can choose to ask her to marry you locally.

Step 3: Pick the proposal place

With the date set in your calendar, pick a suitable location for you to ‘drop the knee’. The location is important; choose a crowded place and it could be awkward. You may feel intimidated and some of the magic may be lost. Your choice in location can be a way to show that you know her - pick a spot that has meaning to you both - that will definitely earn you some extra marks. Remember this guys, make her the priority!

Step 4: Pick a suitable time

Timing is everything gentlemen. It pays to do some reconnaissance to see what the spot will look like at the exact time of the proposal. You can gauge foot traffic, angle of light, and general logistics to minimise things that could go wrong. As someone who used to work in logistics and supply chain, it’s the small things that make or break a perfect moment.

Generally speaking, you cannot go wrong with sunset or dusk.

Step 5: Choose an appropriate outfit

Here’s an idea - wear something nice!

Seriously. Put some effort into it.

Step 6: Tell her parents of your intentions

The days of asking for permission are somewhat outdated. A daughter is no longer for a father to ‘give away’. However, your partner may have a very close relationship with her parent(s). I always recommend telling your partner of your intention to marry as a symbol of respect - it goes a long way with the in-laws.

Step 7: Come up with a credible backstory

Great engagements are built on lies *ahem* surprises.

From our experience, most partners never see the proposal coming. They may have a suspicion but in most cases, no one ever knows when and where it will drop.

A credible backstory doesn't have to be an elaborate lie. The purpose of the ruse is to give her a reason to feel her best with the right makeup and wardrobe. For our marriage proposal clients, I always recommend telling the girl that you are going out on a date. She will naturally dress up and reduces the possibility that she will be upset that she isn’t looking and feeling her best whilst being proposed to.

If appropriate, consider including friends and family into the ruse.

Step 8: Hire a photographer to capture the moment(s)

Whether you love it or hate it, it’s all about the Gram these days. So get with the program guys!

Make sure you hire a photographer who is experienced with surprise proposals. We work with a small number of exclusive wedding photographers who know how to stay unseen yet produce quality results. They can provide recommendations on how to make the proposal more streamlined and less stressful for you.

As an added bonus, you can get some impromptu professional photos to announce the happy news. Social media ‘likes’ do matter! She will LOVE all the positive comment.

Step 9: Pop the question

When it’s time - it’s time!

You can choose to kneel. Or not. Some guys plan to kneel but in the heat of the moment, forget to. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter - she won’t notice.

Take the ring from its box (you want to be holding out the ring, not the open box).

Take a deep breath, make eye contact, and just do it. This is the moment you have been building up towards. You’ve got this mate.

Tell her how she makes you feel and promise all the sweet things she deserves.

When she says ‘Y-E-S’, help place the ring on her left hand.


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