How to publish an article on LinkedIn

How to publish an article on LinkedIn

LinkedIn (Android | iOS | Web) is an excellent platform for those who want to create a professional network and look for a job. Among other resources, the social network allows its users to write and publish articles.

Unlike a standard publication, an article is a more complex text and serves to expand discussions on certain topics on the platform. In addition, it will become part of your professional profile and can be found by users inside and outside the social network.

If you’d like to contribute to the community by writing an article, check out the step-by-step post below on LinkedIn. It is important to note that this function is not available for the app on Android and iOS devices, it can be accessed only in the web version.

How to publish an article on LinkedIn

Step 1: use a web browser to access LinkedIn’s “Home” tab and, in the “Start a publication” area, click “Write article”.

Step 2: on the next tab, click on the “Photos” icon at the top to be able to upload a featured image for your article. You can also drag one to the indicated location.

Step 3: give your article a title using the “Title” field.

Step 4: then you can write your article directly in the LinkedIn editor.

Step 5: you can use the top menu to create subtitles, leave an excerpt in “Bold”, “Italics”, “Underline”, create enumerations, quotes and insert links.

Step 6: clicking on the “+” icon next to a paragraph, you can open a menu that allows you to insert “Image”, Video ”,“ Slides ”, Links” and a “Excerpt”.

Step 7: finalizing your publication, check if it has been saved and click on “Publish” in the upper right corner.

Step 8: in the next window, adjust who can view your publication, write a short text about it and, after completing the adjustments, click on “Publish” in the lower right corner.

Tip: You can also insert hashtags to show your post to the right people.

Ready! You can now contribute to the community by writing and posting an article on LinkedIn.

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