Going through a C-section can be a tough experience, especially when you have no idea what to expect after the delivery. After going on the often painful road to recovery, it is understandable that you may be plagued with questions and uncertainty about several things, including dealing with sporadic pain from the C-section scar or bringing another baby into the world.

With the steady increase in cesarean births across the world, valid concerns have been raised about the prevalence of this procedure, and it has become extremely urgent and important to ensure safer future deliveries for women who have previously delivered via Cesarean section.

A previous delivery via C-section does not mean that the chances of a successful and stress-free future delivery are unattainable for you. However, extra care should be taken to minimize the risk of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. 


After a C-section, a lot of women continue to feel pain from their incision scar for quite a longer time than they expected, which makes them think there is something wrong with their scar, or that they are not healing properly. For a woman who is trying to get pregnant, this can be an issue. Holland, who guides women through the healing process after a C-section, explains that there usually isn’t anything wrong with the scar or the tissue underneath, but it can become sensitized, which can be resolved with treatment by an expert.

“A lot of women are told that their C-section scar will heal with time,” she says, “And even though this is true in most cases, there are some situations whereby women have to wait for a long time to heal, because they were previously unaware that they could have done so sooner by engaging in physical therapy sessions led by a professional.”


If you have gone through a C-section, it is important to ensure that you heal completely, so as to avoid complications with future births. Simple exercise routines such as Kegels are recommended to ease the pain, strengthen the pelvic floor and quicken the recovery process. A few things you may also need around you while you heal: heating pads, prescribed painkillers, and lots of water.

Yoga can also help with recovery after cesarean delivery. Dr. Heather Bartos, a Board Certified OB-GYN and founder of Badass Health, highly recommend this practice for women who are recovering from a C-section.

“Yoga helps in modulating the stress response after the surgery, and this, in turn, helps in shortening the recovery period,” she says. Meditation also has the added benefit of relaxing the mind. According to Bartos, both are important for every mom recovering from a C-section, and their combined effect helps in strengthening the mind and body.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that a C-section is a major procedure, and it takes time for your body to get back on track and prepare for the reproduction process again. You should take time to carefully plan future pregnancies only when you feel physically and mentally ready to do so. Consulting your OB-GYN regularly will also help you ensure that your health and safety are guaranteed both during and after the pregnancy.

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