Steps to Shave Armpits Hair Properly

Steps to Shave Armpits Hair Properly
Shaving the armpits is quite challenging because there are lots of sweats and germs. And as your underarms are not exposed much to the daylight, they can also be quite oily.

But learning the proper way to shave your armpits will reduce the chances of skin irritation and razor burn, no doubt.

To help you know about how to perfectly shave your armpits with easy steps, I have prepared this guide only for you, believe me.

Here you will learn some simple steps that will lead you to prevent cuts and shave your armpits smoothly. So, let’s get started.

Thoroughly Clean Your Underarms

The first and foremost thing you have to do for shaving armpits is to clean your underarm thoroughly. When there is hair in the underarm for quite a while, sweat will not dry easily.

Also, there will be a lot of germs because of the hair and sweat. If you don’t wash or clean underarms properly before shaving, it can hurt and burn because of the sweat.

Aside from that, if you attempt to shave a dirty underarm, infections may occur as well. So, you should not take the risk and clean the underarms firmly. Use warm water to clean so that you can wash the germs away easily.

Use A Best Razor For Underarms

The razor is the major component for shaving the armpits. So, it’s important that you should have a new razor which is of high quality. By high quality I mean the razor should be sharp enough.

A dull razor is very risky to use. First of all, a dull razor cannot thoroughly cut the hair. And a dull razor often contains rusts on it, which is far riskier to use on the skin.

In order to avoid razor burn and bumps, you should always use a sharp blade on the razor. It is better if you use new blades when you shave the armpits.

Hydrate Your Skin Before You Shave

While shaving the armpit, if your skin is dry, then the hair will be very rough. It is always difficult to cut rough hair. But you can solve this problem by simply hydrating your skin.

Use cold of hot water on the skin of the underarms to keep the skin hydrated. But I recommend you to use hot water as it will kill off the germs as well.

Hydrating the skin not only reduces the roughness of the hair but also makes the skin smooth. So it becomes easier for you to cut the hair. Also, there is no risk of any cuts that you have in a dry shave.

Wash Your Underarms

To avoid skin irritation while shaving, you must wash your underarms. By washing the underarms, you are technically cleaning away the sweats and the germs.

Also, if you wash the underarms, then the roots of the hair will become really soft. When the roots become softer, it becomes easier for you to cut the hair without burning the skin.

Use Shaving Gels Or Foams

Shaving gels are made with medically certified ingredients that are useful for the skin. They make the root of the hair softer and you can smoothly cut the hair. Many people don’t use shaving gels or foams.

But it is really harmful to the skin if you don’t use shaving foams or gels while shaving. If you shave regularly without using shaving gels or foams you will notice the skin of the shaving area is getting darker day by day.

To avoid this from happening, shaving gels are extremely useful. Shaving gels also help you to avoid cuts on the skin. Because the razor glides over your skin easily when you use shaving gels.

Shave Your Armpits In All Directions.

It is highly recommended that you shave the armpits in all directions to get a smooth output after shaving. If you cut the skin in only one direction, let’s say downwards, then you will see when you hover your finger in the opposite direction the skin will feel rough.

Cutting in one direction not only makes the skin rough but also keeps the shaving unfinished. But if you shave in all directions, you will see how smooth the armpit skin feels after shaving. But be careful while shaving in different directions as the skin may get cut or nicked while shaving.

Be Sure To Moisturize.

After you are done with shaving, you have to moisturize the shaved area carefully. When you shave, not only the hair cut off from the root but also the moisture dries out.

So after shaving, you can use aftershaves to moisturize. Using aftershaves will also clean the rest of the germs and keep the shaved area secured from infections.

Moisturizing will also reduce the burns that you get after shaving. So, it is very important that you use aftershaves to moisturize your underarms after shaving.

Wait Before Applying Deodorant

Freshly shaven skin is very sensitive. When you just finish the shaving you will see the area is burning a little. It’s natural, don’t worry. But don’t use deodorant immediately after you shave the armpits.

You should use aftershave there but deodorants are really harmful. They can increase the rate of burning as well as you may get rashes for the deodorant. So, wait for a while before applying deodorant so that your skin is not harmed.

Benefits Of Shaving Armpits

Spring is almost here. And after that, Summer. So it’s time to get out your shorts and tank tops again from the closet and indulge yourself in the Sunny Summer days. But your happy sunbathing time can become embarrassing if you still haven’t given a proper look under your armpits. So you should shave it before you hit the beach with your bikinis or shorts on. But before that just have a look at the benefits of shaving armpits.

No Hair, Less Sweat

Getting rid of sweat is the best part of shaving underarm hair. The hair under the armpit moist the skin faster than any part of the body. So, it creates a lot of sweat. If you keep your underarm hair free, then that specific part of the skin will become rough and won’t create sweat as much as with hair.

No Sweat, No Odor

In the summertime, the hot and humid weather can overheat your body. If your body does have a lot of hair then this overheating problem can cause body odor. You can reduce the chance of encountering body odor by shaving your armpits. Having hair-free armpits helps your body to cool faster. So that your skin doesn’t get the chance to create either sweat or body odor.

Getting Rid Of Sweat Stain

Underarm sweating is the reason behind those Yellow Stains of your sleeves. Sweats that come from the underarm hair stay with you through those marks. So shave your underarm regularly to keep these stains away from your clothes. By this, you won’t have to spend much time cleaning the sleeves. Just clean armpits. It will do the Double-task.

Final Thoughts

I would like to come to a conclusion by giving you a few final tips on how to get a clean shave on your armpits for the first time. First of all, always use new blades or sharp razors to cut the hair. Avoid using rusted blades and dull razors.

Next, you can use both cold and warm water to clean the armpits before you start shaving. But I recommend hot or warm water as it kills off a lot of germs.

Finally, always keep the armpits clean from sweat. After shaving the armpits wash with cold water and use aftershaves to make the skin germ-free. I hope this article was helpful to you.
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