How to get a Microsoft Referral

How to get a Microsoft Referral

Interested in working at Microsoft? You're not alone. Microsoft gets about 2 million applicants a year.

A leading platform for monitoring workplace culture and corporate brand reputation confirms that Microsoft’s employees rate the company’s culture higher than any other company's workers. Comparably tracked company ratings from anonymous feedback of current employees at over 70,000 businesses over the past year.

20 different workplace culture categories were measured, including but not limited to “compensation, leadership, and work-life balance to professional development opportunities, and perks and benefits.” Microsoft employees rated their company’s culture higher than any other company with more than 500 employees. Google, known for its contemporary corporate culture, finished in third place.

Applying with a Microsoft referral is one way to stand out amongst the crowd. After reviewing jobs on Careers at Microsoft, complete the 4 steps below when asking a Microsoft employee to refer you.

1. Include your full name, email address, phone and location (country).

2. Send over the specific job ID of the position you are applying for.

3. Attach your resume *or* include your LinkedIn profile.

The key to getting a callback is to brush up your skills and make sure to highlight projects or career development experiences that showcase your growth mindset.

4. Add any additional information you want the employee to include as part of your referral.

Employees have an extra 2000-character open-text field to say whatever they'd like about you. When asking for a referral, make sure to include any information that may not be obvious from your resume or LinkedIn profile.

Once you send over the information from these 4 steps to a Microsoft employee they can submit a referral on your behalf. After that, you will receive a custom link to apply!

Now you know exactly what to do to get a Microsoft referral. I encourage you to apply for multiple positions that interest you. I didn't get the job I first applied to at Microsoft but I did get the second one! People refer others to work at their organization when they feel the experience is great. I can definitely say it's been a pleasure to join Microsoft and highly recommend working here.


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