Public Service Commission (PSC) Kenya Jobs: Apply Now!

Public Service Commission (PSC) Kenya Jobs: Apply Now!

The commission, which has the responsibility of hiring for several government agencies, announces jobs in a notice published in local newspapers.  ‍

About Public Service Commission Kenya (PSCK)

The Service Commission traces back to 1954 when the Colonial British Government formed the Civil Service Commission in response to the Holmes Commission Report of 1948. 

It was written in the constitution and renamed Public Service Commission upon independence in 1963. It is the oldest Constitutional commission, and its mandate has grown over the years.

Some of the roles of the Public Service Commission include:

  • Establishment and abolishment of offices
  • Provision of competent human resource
  • Promotion of good governance
  • Ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in the provision of quality services in the public service.

How to Register on Public Service Commission Kenya (PSCK) Website

All first-time users of the Online Recruitment and Selection system must register by visiting the PSCK portal by providing the following required information:

  •  ID / Passport Number
  • Surname
  • Current e‐mail address
  • A password to gain access to the system

How to Apply For Public Service Commission Kenya (PSCK) Job Vacancies Online 

Please note that only jobs that have been advertised and labeled as open can be applied for.

To apply for any advertised position or internship opportunities, log in to the portal with the ID / Passport Number and Password that you created.

Once you've decided which job you would like to apply for, you will need to fill out an online form with your information.

All fields are required and they are: 

  • Personal Details - Your Name, Title, Date of birth, ID number, KRA PIN number, Gender, Nationality, Ethnicity, and Location.

Also note that you must provide your contact information which includes your telephone/mobile number, postal address, and email address. 

  • Qualifications: Your academic qualifications - starting with the highest.
  • Experience: Details about your employment, where applicable - start with the current or most recent.
  • Current Registration/Membership to Professional Bodies
  • Other courses: Attendance at Relevant Courses and Training for at least one (1) week.
  • Referees: There are only two (2) referees needed.
  • Other details: In this section, you indicate the languages in which you are fluent, as well as whether or not you have ever been convicted of a criminal offense or been the subject of a probation order.  Also, disclose if you've ever been fired or otherwise removed from a job before 

When you are through with your job application, go to the submit application option and submit it.

Before submitting your application, ensure that all required information has been provided since incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applicants should also print and save a copy of the Feedback Report (application summary) by clicking on the Report tab or the Application Summary link on the Application Menu.

The online application has the advantage of allowing you to modify your information in case of errors. If you made a mistake, you can always go back at any moment before the Advert Closure Date, and enter your public service commission login credentials again.

How to Apply For Public Service Commission Kenya (PSCK) Vacancies Offline

You can also apply for a job vacancy offline by downloading an application form from the PSCK website by following the steps below:

  • Print the document and fill it in BLOCK letters.
  • The application consists of 13 sections that must all be completed.
  • After you have completed filling the form, submit it through the postal service. Submit it to The Secretary, Public Service Commission, P.O. BOX 30095, 00100 NAIROBI, Kenya.
  • Copies of certificates and testimonials should not be attached to the form.

Public Service Commission Kenya (PSCK) Contacts

In case of any inquiries, you can contact PSCK through:

  • Email: - Please include your ID /Passport Number and full name in your email.
  • Landline: +254 (020) 2223901,   2227471
  • Mobile: +254-724-253807, +254-735-800282
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