How to repair my Bluetooth headphones

How to repair my Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphone problems are annoying because there is no headphone cable to repair or headphone jack to fix. Here are some troubleshooting tips for you.

If one or both sides of the headphone are not working;

  • Disconnect it from your device and connect it to another to determine where the problem is.
  • Check your music source. The music may have a poor sound quality, or perhaps your streaming service has defaulted to a low-quality setting.
  • Bring the headphones closer to the device. The distance may affect the connection or cause a stutter in the sound.
  • If it has a cable or wire option, try using the cable to connect to the device and see if you can hear the sounds.

If the Bluetooth is not connecting to your device;

  • Disconnect it from every device it has been connected to. Some headphones cannot connect to multiple devices at once.
  • Make sure your phone is not connected to other audio devices.
  • Charge the Bluetooth headphone. Some may have connection problems when they are low on battery or have been left on for a long time.
  • Read your manual and ensure that the Bluetooth headphone is compatible with the device you want to pair it with. Not all devices connect to Bluetooth 5.0

If none of the above steps works for you, then it is time to take it to a professional.

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