20 Of The Coolest Resorts In Kenya

20 Of The Coolest Resorts In Kenya

Kenya has a reputation for avant-garde resorts, which are filled with all the luxuries of modern living.  Apart from the amazing adventure the magical country has to offer, the hotel resorts are best known for their hospitality and entertainment. Lodging in Kenya’s coolest resorts give guests unbounded pleasure and unparalleled excitement. Many of these hotel resorts have exclusive access or are located near the scenic beaches of Kenya. These resorts offer the best of everything from nutritious dining options that will delight your taste buds to top-notch hospitality facilities and professional staff to cater for your needs.

If you looking for a chance to unwind in the most serene hotel resorts with great ambiances, where you will experience bliss and feel revitalized; you should probably head to Kenya.

Here are 20 of the coolest resorts in Kenya that offer plethora of activities that will make your vacation active and entertaining:

1. Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa

With its fine-looking Lamu style architecture, five free form swimming pools, Tulia Spa with an sea-view Jacuzzi, well-furnished and beautifully decorated rooms, dining pavilions and other amazing facilities, this resort is a place to spend memorable vacation. It offers entertaining activities such as diving, water-sports and other recreation activities. You will find some of the finest dining options in Kenya in this beautiful hotel. The hotel is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Mombasa. Visit: Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa

2. Voyager Beach Resort

Who wouldn’t love the privacy of this exclusive resort? Tucked away in a few miles outside Mombasa city and overlooking the beautiful Indian ocean; its location is what makes it a true escape. It’s very easy to feel at home in this plush resort, at every turn, you discover the impeccable services and amenities it offers. Visit: Voyager Beach Resort

3. Baobab Beach Resort & Spa

At Baobab Resort, start a day with an early-morning exercise, follow it with a buffet breakfast, laze on day beds at the hotel’s pool or take a stroll along the golden beach and finish off with spa treatments Afya Bora Wellness Club & Spa and then head to the Marhaba restaurant to enjoy an a la carte dining. The resort is renowned for its exclusivity; you get everything you want here! Visit: Baobab Resort

4. Barracuda Beach Resort 

Located in Watamu, Barracuda Beach Resort is truly a place where you can experience the utmost in Kenyan luxury and hospitality. The resort offers culinary delights at Fish Bone House, unlimited adventure and entertaining activities. The hotel resort features stylishly designed rooms, swimming pools, private verandah and many more facilities for modern living. Visit: Barracuda Beach Resort

5. Waterlovers Beach Resort

What constitutes an unspoiled getaway? For guests who seek a lavish retreat, serene environment and a memorable vacation, an escape to one of Kenya’s coolest resort, Waterlovers Resort is a perfect getaway. Located along Diani Beach, the resort is famous for quality services and unsurpassed amenities. More than comfort accommodation and fine dining, Waterlovers Resort offers its guests a total experience. Visit: Waterlovers Beach Resort

6. Mombasa Continental Resort

Step into a world like no other at Mombasa Continental Resort where you expectations for an exclusive resort experience will be re-conceived. Located on Shanzu Beach, the resort is a fabulous hideaway, well-known for its charm and serenity. The resort includes wellness club and a fully equipped gym, restaurant and other top-notch facilities. Savour the menu at Dhow Terrace Restaurant, relax in their sauna and experience luxury in Kenyan style. Visit: Mombasa Continental Resort

7. Southern Sun Mayfair Nairobi

Much of Southern Sun Mayfair experience emerge from its traditional warmth and the hospitality it offers. The hotel is graced by locally inspired decor and art, and it offers a blend of style and comfort that captures the charm and elegance of Kenya. Unlike so many Kenya’s coolest hotels, Southern Sun Mayfair offers quality services that ensure the guest enjoy most indulgent of stays. Visit: Southern Sun Mayfair Nairobi

8. Sentrim Nairobi Boulevard Hotel

Even in a city of 3 million people, there is a remedy for urban nuisances. Located at the end of Harry Thuku road in Nairobi, Sentrim Nairobi Boulevard Hotel is a perfect seclusion in a natural environment. The hotel is a total reminder of the true meaning of a luxury retreat. The hotel features 70 en-suite rooms with picturesque views overlooking the green gardens, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, tennis court and other excellent facilities. Discover all you could only dream of – stunning scenery, romance, adventure and a sense of relaxation! Visit: Sentrim Nairobi Boulevard Hotel

9. Travellers Beach Hotel & Club

Travellers Beach Hotel & Club hotel has come to reflect the dynamic environment that surrounds it. This beautiful ocean-facing resort is nestled close to the shores of Indian Ocean. Escape a few days to this paradise and savour the peace, serenity and great surroundings that will overwhelm you. This is the place to go when you want to combine luxury with an enhancing experience. Visit: Travellers Beach Hotel & Club

10. Emrald Flamingo Beach Resort & Spa

Looking for a place to simply relax and unwind? Emrald Flamingo beach Resort and Spa is a haven of peace and serenity in harmony with nature. Located on Shanzu beach, this elegant hotel features about 137 well-furnished and equipped rooms, lagoon shaped swimming pool, lush palm gardens and other excellent facilities. Here, you will find an off-the-cuff environment that offers boundless leisure and relaxation. Visit: Emrald Flamingo Beach Resort and Spa

11. Makwetu Resort

Accommodation in Makwetu Resort is comfy and residential in style. It’s very easy to feel at home here, every room comes with a fully equipped kitchen, access to a tranquil veranda and unlimited privacy. Entertainment including dining here is like nowhere else. The resort is located in Mombasa’s North Coast and just a stone’s throw from the Indian Ocean. When you stay at Makwetu Resort, you will find yourself just steps from countless exciting activities. Visit: Makwetu Resort

12. Reef Hotel

Reef Hotel is a spectacular resort located on Nyali beach, known for its lush spacious garden and great ambience. This hotel has enticed many travellers to its relaxing setting. If you will like to experience an tantalizing charm which blends impeccably with the remarkable range of contemporary amenities it offers, you should probably head to this legendary resort. Visit: Reef Hotel

13. Nyali International Beach Hotel

Nyali International Beach Hotel is a peerless resort; it has everything you would expect of the finest beachfront resort. The resort offers an amazing all-inclusive experience among luxurious tropical surroundings. It’s an iconic resort known for its devotion to service, beautiful location and deluxe facilities. Visit: Nyali International Beach Hotel

14. The Majlis Resort

It’s no surprise that The Majlis Resort is one of the coolest resorts in Kenya. Located on Manda Island of Lamu, It’s a resort of stunning natural beauty and relaxed luxury.  Deluxe villa-styled accommodation with a blend of Swahili culture and local tradition, an exquisite dining and a world-class fitness and wellness centre are among the resort’s amenities. Set in a beautiful surrounding, the views of the coastline will amaze you and infiltrate your mind. Visit: The Majlis Resort

15. Beaumont Resort

Beaumont Resort is one of Kenya’s coolest resorts with a unique character that offers an unspoiled retreat for vacations. Here you’ll find a good range of finest accommodation options, unrivalled hospitality and outstanding facilities. A perfect location, modish accommodation & authentic cuisine await you at Beautmont! . Visit: Beaumont Resort

16. Kilifi Bay Beach Resort

Want to experience the best of Kilifi? Unwind, relax and sop up the atmosphere in this resort, which is located close to the beach, overlooking the Indian Ocean. The resort is renowned for its high quality service and exclusive amenities. Visit: Kilifi Bay Beach Resort

17. Almanara Luxury Resort, Diani Beach

Almanara Luxury Resort welcomes you to the charm and glamour of Kenya with its sun-drenched beaches, wide-ranging amenities and attractions. With its fascinating waterfront surroundings, the resort is a rich coastal paradise on Mombasa’s renowned coast. Featuring tropical gardens, executive villas and restaurant, prepare to be pampered like never before in this beautiful resort. Visit: Almanara Luxury Resort

18. Panari Hotel

With all that awaits at Panari Hotel, it’s so easy to see why it is one of the coolest resorts in Kenya. Located just 10 minutes away from Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi, the hotel offers a unique experience that will blow your mind. It features deluxe rooms that offers beautiful scenery of Nairobi National Park, exquisite restaurant and bar, Panari gym and other exellent facilities. There is something for everyone here! Visit: Panari Hotel

19. Leopard Beach Resort and Spa

Leopard Beach Resort and Spa is one of the coolest resorts in Kenya, surrounded by a superb reflecting pool, plush palm trees and the picturesque sea. It is a great retreat like no other in Kenya. The resort offers great accommodation and unique dining. Dining at Leopard Beach Resort is a salient reminder of how delicious Kenyan cuisine is. The resort’s spa offers a seamless ambience to connect your body soul and mind. Visit: Leopard Beach Resort and Spa

20. Southern Palms Beach Resort

There’s nothing like the spending your vacation at Southern Palms Beach Resort – entertaining, unique, and exclusive. Located on Diani Beach Road, the resort offers a limitless activities and endless opportunities to unwind and relax. Spend your vacation surrounded with an atmosphere of relaxation as your every whim is catered for. Visit: Southern Palms Beach Resort

Once you have has a taste of the exclusive experience and enjoyed what these Kenya’s coolest hotel resort offer it’s hard to imagine travelling to any other country. Have you visited any of these hotels? Share your experience with us in the comment below:

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