Digital Number Plate Kenya: What to Know

Digital Number Plate Kenya: What to Know

Change is inevitable! The government currently launched digital number plates, and every motorist must pay Sh 3000 for the smart number plate. The new plates have built-in security elements that enable law enforcement officials to trace the ownership of motors, protect against fraud, and curb crime. It will also assist KRA to rid of tax evasion at the point of car entry at the port.

The government has ordered the phasing out of the old plate within 18 months. The NTSA will provide motorists with an application form. The application should include information on the vehicle.

What is a Digital Number plate?

It is an electronic device that emits signals for monitoring and tracking processes. Additionally, it has the Kenyan flag affixed to the plate. The plate has the NTSA serial number. The manufacture date, serial numbers, and production unit number will be printed on the backside of the plate.

Other anti-counterfeit characteristics include watermarks, laser markers, and holograms. These elements will provide the required checks to prevent cars from being registered twice.

Advantages of digital number plates

There are many significant benefits to adopting digital license plates for motor vehicles. Security is undoubtedly the most crucial.

1. Security

The old car license plates don’t have enough security elements, so it’s hard for law enforcement to spot plates that have been switched or ones that came from shady businesses. Cabinet Secretary Matiang’i has launched the new ones as a genius move that will make life difficult for motor vehicle theft organizations that thrive on plate duplication and faking.

Digitization will improve car sales and transfers and provide accurate records.

2. Reduce forgery

The digital plates will reduce the rates of forgery. Several cases are associated with forging documents where some cars were issued with tractors’ number plates. Currently, there are cases of such vehicles that used the logbooks under those numbers to take a loan, and it’s now difficult for the bank to trace the owners.

3. Tax Evasion

To help prevent tax fraud in the car-selling industry, the Cabinet Secretary stated that the plates would be placed on imported vehicles at the entry point and synchronized with KRA systems.By scanning the license plates with a smart device, Kenya Revenue Authority can instantaneously learn a car’s personal information, engine and serial numbers, and record of past owners.

How other countries adopted digital number plates.

In California, the digital plates were legalized in 2019 only in two states, California and Arizona. They also display advertisements and personal messages and send location information. In the United States, after getting the digital plate and registering in the designated states, you are completely legalized to drive throughout the U. S. through North American borders into Mexico and Canada.

South Africa gives digital license plates to qualified commercial fleet drivers. Currently, it is possible to buy fleet vehicles for both the government and businesses. Vehicles must be registered with the state government to be eligible for the specialty license plates. The new approach to digital number plates will play a significant role in ensuring security and reducing high theft cases.

There is a big challenge in the implementation phase as 18 months with 4.8million vehicles is quite a huge task as it would mean over 266,666 number plates per month.

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