E-Bikes are great but are African cities ready?

E-Bikes are great but are African cities ready?Technology has taken place worldwide, transforming everything from analog to digital. E-bike use is one of the most significant transformations we’ve experienced in this country. Many Kenyans who use two-wheelers to make a living or travel in large cities can now do so at affordable prices because of the movement concept pioneered by e-bike.

An electric bike is a regular bicycle with a motor that boosts it, sometimes called pedal assistance. Although electric bikes are not new, they have become increasingly common in the past ten years due to technological advances and increased customer acceptance of practical.

Advantages of an ebike

Fast riding

An ebike will let you ride more quickly, it doesn’t matter how fit you are. That results from faster speed and smoother uphill riding. As long as you have a better sense of the road regulations, you will have no difficulties moving from place to place.

Easy to use

From a complete stop, the e-bike's motor will assist you in gaining speed by stepping in to help you accelerate more quickly and efficiently. Maintaining traffic flow at intersections and stoplights is more straightforward and less stressful. It is also easier for people with disabilities and the old to ride on.

No straining of muscles

An additional helping hand means reduced stress on your joints and muscles. The bike will support you the most during accelerations and slopes when the most effort is required. You should therefore need less recuperation time and will be more rested for your next ride.

Less expensive

You'll save money using an electric bike rather than a car. Most countries charge high prices for gasoline and diesel, and sporadic price increases can significantly impact your finances. In contrast, you may purchase inexpensive batteries for e-bikes that can enable you to travel 18 to 50 miles after a full battery.

Lack of a bike-friendly infrastructure and interventions government can do

Most cities have set aside a disproportionate amount of street space devoted to cars leaving a small space for bikers. Also, there is increased bike theft due to a lack of safe bike parking slots. However, the government can intervene and bring a solution to such problems.

For instance, wider bike lanes will effectively encourage cycling and safety improvement than cycling on crowdy thin routes. Also, the government should set aside safe parking slots for bike riders to minimize theft. Additionally, encourage companies to seek or provide bike parking on their property. 

Moreover, traffic lights play a significant role for all bike riders; thus, the government should ensure that the light signaling prioritizes cyclists mainly during rainy seasons.

With all the advantages that E-bikes offer, African cities need to adopt relevant policies, security, and infrastructure to encourage the use of bicycles that would reduce carbon emissions,contribute to decongesting cities and reducing traffic.

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