Cost of Electricity Pole in Kenya Now

Cost of Electricity Pole in Kenya Now

Ever since the discovery of electricity, it is now evident that 90 percent of things run due to electricity that is from homes to firms up to larger industries. The Kenyan government has also taken the role of providing electricity at affordable prices to almost every home. During the past, urban areas alone used to have electricity but now even rural areas do have. Thanks to our Kenyan government.

Interested in knowing the cost of electricity pole in Kenya? As you know, there are two types, the wooden poles and concrete poles. There is however a price variation in both.

The cost of electricity pole in Kenya ranges between Ksh.10,000 to Ksh.20,000 depending on the type of pole. Concrete pole in Kenya is between Ksh.18,000 and Ksh.20,000 while the cost of wooden pole in Kenya is between ksh.10,000 and Ksh.12,000.

Cost of Installing Electricity in Kenya

The cost of installing electricity in Kenya has been drastically dropped down from ksh.35,000 to an affordable amount of Ksh.15,000. The main reason for the drop is to meet the governments agenda of having 70% of homes connected with electricity.

KPLC new connection charges have variations. This is to mean that they vary due to phases. For a single-phase, the price is about ksh.35,000 and for a three-phase, the price is about ksh.49,100.

Cost of electricity in Kenya has been dropped down by 70%. This is to ensure that all Kenyans get electricity. Electricity is very affordable to every user depending on what one does with it.

Cost of Electricity Per KWH in Kenya

Well, for commercial users, the cost of electricity per KWH in Kenya is ksh.18.88 on average.  

Up to now I am sure you understand all the concepts of electricity. Inclusive of the electricity prices, pole prices among others.

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