Do you really know the size of your favorite 1/8th plot? Or do you just like the sound of saying “1/8th”? We get it, sometimes size can be a confusing thing.

But fear not, because we’re here to help! As you search for your dream property, it’s important to understand the different plot sizes available to you.

Land is a resource that keeps getting scarcer as the population grows. So, this is an asset whose value increases with time. If you plan to invest your money in a piece of land in Kenya, you must stay in the know. Below is a guide to help you understand land measurements. Common Measurements You are right if you have been wondering about the proverbial "eighth", “quarter” or “half” an acre you hear being advertised all over town and on radio stations. In this section, we discuss the common land measurement terms you will likely meet in your search for the perfect parcel of land. An eighth of an acre (50 by 100) an eighth acre of land measures 15m by 30m. Converted to hectares, this piece of land would measure 0.045 hectares. You can convert this measurement into feet by multiplying by ten and then dividing by 3. In this case; the land would measure approximately 50ft by 100ft. The measurement for the same piece of land can be converted from feet into metres by dividing by ten and then multiplying by 3 For example, a 50 by 100 piece of land would be 15m by 30m Therefore, 50 by 100 feet is an approximation and often times an overestimation. A quarter of an acre A quarter an acre translates to a plot that measures 30m by 30m and 100ft by 100ft if the land is regular in shape. An Acre An acre of land measures approximately 208 ft by 208ft if the land is square. This equates to a piece of land that measures 63m by 63m or 4046sq.m. A Hectare A hectare of land measures 100m by 100m and is equivalent to 10,000sq metres. A hectare also equates to 2.47 acres.

A point is not a legally recognized area of measurement in most government documents today. Its a colloquial reference used in old style in villages to estimate land size especially when leasing.

On the other hand, even though its difficult to convert a point to acres or hectares, the truth is that "A POINT" is equivalent to 435 square feet, slightly smaller than an ⅛ an acre (which is ranges between 450sq to 500sq ft).

Why is The Title Written in Hectares?

Title deeds in Kenya are written in hectares because our surveyors do their work according to metric standards. Therefore, an eighth acre will be 0.045 ha. A plot of land may not always be rectangular. So, measure the surface area of a plot and then convert it into hectares. As you buy land in Kenya, you must be careful not to fall into the wrong hands. Here is some useful advice on the steps you can take during the land-buying process.

Why Does a Title Have Approximations?

The title may have approximations or variations in size as small tracts of land may be used to create amenities that benefit the community, such as roads. Ideally, you should take a tape measure and determine a piece’s surface area, then divide by 10,000 to determine whether the area indicated on the title deed in hectares tallies.

We hope you have taken something useful out of this short read. If so, we would appreciate some feedback in the comment section. 


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