Agriculture as a Profession...!!

Agriculture as a Profession...!!

Agriculture is an occupation, which is there from the beginning of mankind, i.e. it may be around for many thousands of years and it is very much true that our civilization started only because of agriculture. In those good olden days, people considered agriculture as their life and for cultivating crops they used to migrate from one place to another in search of water to grow crops, This laid foundation for a culture, building localities, societal relationships, etc.

In modern days, agriculture has lost its charm, I would rather say, it is often perceived as a dirty and poorly paid occupation by many people around the world. There are many reasons which led to such a perception and some intrinsic reasons include growing corporate jobs, global cities, an increasing service-related economy, a surge in software and technological developments, etc. In addition, to these reasons, Greed for more money also has a paramount impact on not taking agriculture as a career option by most of people.


Ask someone who is in his teenage or even mid-twenties, what they want to become when they grow up and you will hear the name of many well-known professions like pilots, doctors, engineers, etc. I wonder whether this demands an explanation from our society, that an occupation that supported the hunger needs of billions of people for thousands of years don't deserve a place with these so-called well-known and well-respected professions? I believe, agriculture is a divine profession that should be respected and given a superior place in the minds of young people.

Governments, if not fully, but to some extent, don't promote agriculture as a respected profession among the people, nor do they try to include agriculture and farming in the curriculum of secondary education so that young people can know the importance of agriculture. In addition to these convincing points, parents don't want their children to become farmers, and schools don't teach anything about farming, cultivation, crops, plantations, etc. which begs pity on our education system.


Yes, you heard it right agriculture can also be treated as a profession. The farmers who take up agriculture as an occupation have so much knowledge about various aspects including soil fertility, seasonal crops, rainfall expectations, pesticides, crop rotation techniques, farming equipment, etc which demands it must be given as much importance as any other profession in the world.


I believe, Many young people can take up agriculture as their career option and cultivate many acres of land, bring more technological advancements for more productive and yielding crops, contribute to the farming community by discovering quality and hybrid cultivation techniques, and in a broader sense, a young farmer can inspire millions of people to take up farming as a career.

I myself, want to choose agriculture as a profession, but I am undoubtedly sure that my family will brutally oppose my opinion and might force me to have a good corporate life instead. This should be changed, and agriculture should be given a supreme position among all the professions out there because without someone who cultivates food for us, we don't have food to satisfy our hunger and I insist on calling farmers living gods. 

Geoffrey Nevine — IT Services and IT Consulting

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