Top 8 Camping tips from someone who hates camping!

Top 8 Camping tips from someone who hates camping!

I have been camping before, a few times in fact. While I do my best in sidestepping any outdoorsy activity that comes my way, it is impossible to avoid all activities taking place in the great outdoors since I come from a family that thrives in the open air; But since I’ve had to put up with these outdoorsy people for some time now; I’ve come up with my own tips and tricks for making camping a little less bleak. 

1. Research Your Camping Site Beforehand

It may seem exciting to explore the unknown, but it can get rough if you don’t have any idea about where you are going and what your surroundings are going to be like. Instead, thoroughly research the campsite area in advance. Learn what types of tools and equipment you’ll need there, as well as the weather forecast so that you are better prepared for it. Also make sure to know what you can do in case of an emergency, and note down details of the nearest hospitals.

2. Make A Checklist

People often get overwhelmed while packing for a camp. This can often result in them forgetting something and not noticing before they’ve already reached the campsite. To avoid this from happening, create a checklist of all the things you would need on the camp before you start packing. This way, you’ll be in a better state of mind to access what you need and what you don’t.

3. Invest in a blow-up mattress

The ground is not your friend; anyone who claims that sleeping solely on a camping mat is comfortable is a liar. This may sound like some princess and the pea nonsense but I swear I can feel every stone, twig and dip in the ground digging into me if I don’t use a blow-up mattress; and if you’re anything like me and become the incredible grump when you’re tired then you should definitely try to get a decent night’s sleep for the sake of the people you’re camping with. 

4. Bring stuff to do 

If you’re camping with other people you can’t rely on them to keep you entertained for the whole of your trip. Bring books, music, board games, playing cards and my personal fav; a tablet and hotspot for watching films, catching up with TV shows, and checking all your social media apps. 

5. Don’t skimp on the wet wipes

Wet wipes are a god send. When you’re feeling grubby and gross; get out the wet wipes. When someone has spilt their cider in your tent (trust me it happens); get out the wet wipes. When it’s been pouring with rain and everything everywhere is muddy; get out the wet wipes. Just pack the wet wipes.

6. Be prepared for the weather

This one is obvious but still manages to catch me out. When I picture camping in my head, I’m imagining crisp blue skies, beautiful sunshine and me holding a cider and getting a lush tan. But as we all know, that’s not always the case. Check the weather forecast before you go; there’s nothing worse than laying in your tent at night freezing cold, knowing you could have brought more blankets. 

7. Bring snacks as well as food

If the thought of camping food is a right turn off for you then you’re not alone. Best case scenario is you or someone in your group brings one of those small cookers then you can pretty much have anything you want, but if not then you’re pretty much stuck with that old, eggs and beans in tin foil over the fire trick and baked potatoes; while this can be okay for one night or so it gets boring very quickly. Take anything that doesn’t go off quickly, crisps, chocolate, biscuits, crackers then hide them so no one else steals them.

8. Try to enjoy yourself

When you hate something so much it is obviously going to be hard to stop hating it at a drop of a hat. But you’re more likely going to have a better time if you let loose and try and enjoy yourself. Also, your friends will thank you if you aren’t just a grouch 24/7. 

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