12 Essentials for the Perfect Camping Trip

12 Essentials for the Perfect Camping Trip

Summer is here which means it is camping season! Whether you are a first-time camper or camping is your favorite hobby - this blog will cover our 12 essentials for the perfect camping trip! So, grab your friends and family and head on down to a campground for a fun weekend getaway in nature!

1. Map

At many campsites, you may not have cell phone reception. Many parks will have maps at the welcome center for visitors and campers. These are important so you know exactly where you are and locations nearby that you may need to visit on your trip.

2. Tent

This one is obvious, but we have a few ways to spice up your normal tent. There are various tent options available varying in size and setup requirements. Target, Walmart, and Amazon have a pretty good selection for you to choose from. To turn your camping trip into a glamping trip, bring string lights and decorations to make your tent cute and cozy. You can also bring picnic tables and other small furniture to really elevate your glamping experience.

3. Sleeping Arrangement

So, you got the tent up but there are also various options to consider for bedtime. If you want to have a traditional camping experience, we suggest going with a sleeping bag. If a sleeping bag outside is not your thing, try looking at air mattresses. There are ones you can easily blow up and set right inside your tent. Another thing to remember is tons of pillows and blankets. It can get cold at night sometimes, so make sure you bring extras.

4. Campfire

No camping trip is complete without a night around the campfire. It is important that you plan how you will be setting up the fire and bring the right supplies. Some grounds have fire pits already set up that you only need to light up. However, other locations might require you to build one from scratch. 

5. Inside-Out S’mores

Because what is a campfire without s’mores? However, ordinary s’mores can be quite messy and require you to bring multiple ingredients and supplies to the trip. Inside-Out S’mores solve this problem completely! With the chocolate and graham cracker tucked inside the marshmallow, and all readily assembled on a stick, all you have to do is roast and enjoy! These come in various flavors and with extender pieces which can be attached to the stick for safe roasting. 

6. First Aid Kit

Make sure you bring some medical supplies like band aids, antiseptic wipes/spray, and Aspirin or ibuprofen in case anyone needs it during the trip. Hopefully, you will not have to open it, but it is always best to be prepared. 

7. Food & Water

Choose your food based on the equipment you will have available when camping. For example if you are bringing a portable grill or will have one available, you may be able to get a barbecue going. You will also need to bring plates, eating utensils, and napkins. If you want to save some time cooking or preparing food when there, you can also make it beforehand. Wrap your meal in tin foil and bring coolers so it's fresh when ready to enjoy.

8. Flashlights/Lanterns

Once it gets dark, you will need some tools to brighten up your space. Bring tons of flashlights and/or lanterns to set up around your area.

9. Board Games

Late night board games in the tent are so much fun! Bring your favorite board and/or card games with you. This will provide some great fun and entertainment for your whole crew. 

10. Insect Repellant

No one wants to come back with a trillion mosquito bites so make sure you bring bug spray with you! Spray throughout the day/night to keep those insects away.

11. Camping chairs

If there are not picnic tables nearby, you will need camping chairs for when it’s time to eat or gather around the campfire. You can get these at many places, of course including Amazon.

12. Sun Screen

Lastly, if you are going to be out in the sun all day - make sure you have sun protection. Sun screen, hats, and sunglasses are important to stay safe and prevent you from coming back with sunburn.

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