Bitrue Review—Invite Code: WQWEZGZ (Claim Sign up Bonus)

Bitrue Review—Invite Code: WQWEZGZ (Claim Sign up Bonus)

This Bitrue review takes a deep dive into this platform and examines the factors that make it unique. 

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There has been a significant rise in the number of crypto trading platforms over the years, as the world realigns itself to fit the requirements of the crypto space. In addition, as more people adopt crypto trading as a way of investment, more trading platforms are on the rise. In this article, we will discuss the Bitrue review.

Even though beginners may find it a bit difficult to navigate their ways when they first join these platforms, they quickly understand the dynamics and begin utilizing the features in these platforms. As a result, Bitrue is one of the best existing crypto trading platforms in the crypto arena, with well-constructed trading features. 

Bitrue Review – Introduction

Bitrue is a company founded in 2018 in Singapore, and it was the first crypto exchange to deal with the XRP token. This crypto exchange platform gives users the power to trade using the currencies that it supports and, in turn, earn rewards. 

Currently, the platform has more than 300 cryptocurrencies that can be traded, and it is adding more. Since its launch, the company has gradually gained a massive following and is now one of the most popular exchanges in the crypto arena. 

What Is Bitrue?

Bitrue is a crypto exchange and a digital asset management platform. The platform offers its users advanced tools that they can use to make successful trading quests, and they include limits and stop-loss orders, margin and futures trading with leverages, and multiple charting options. 

Besides these, Bitrue also offers its users loans backed up by crypto technology, which can be considered an unparalleled system for those who wish to advance their affairs through crypto. Moreover, their token has been widely accepted, indicating that those who choose to make their investments through these platforms trust the safety and security of this application. 

The Bitrue platform has consolidated all the functionalities spread across other applications. Regarding its legality, the Bitrue crypto exchange, having been registered in Singapore, operates within the country’s regulations. 

Bitrue Review – Features

Let’s look at the most important features in this Bitrue review:

Account Registration and Customer Service

When it comes to owning a Bitrue account, the sign-up process is straightforward and straightforward for anyone to follow. An email address and the user’s password to the account are all required. The two-step verification ensures the user can activate the account later while imposing extra security against third-party proliferation. 

Users should note that unique passwords with unique characters must be used to increase the strength of the password during registration. Additionally, Bitrue supports a help page with all the needed questions and answers frequently asked by users regarding their customer service. 

Advanced Trading Experience

Users who have registered and already operating on Bitrue enjoy the advanced and easy trading experience feature offered by this platform. In addition, Crypto enthusiasts can easily make their trades using the buy and sell option on the platform. Another way the platform betters its users’ experience is through the low purchasing fees done through ACH transfer. 


Security is another feature that Bitrue has put enough effort into maintaining. Even though it offers the same usual security that exists in other crypto exchanges, Bitrue has gone the extra mile to make sure that they maintain encrypted servers and cold storage that keeps the information of their clients safe. 

This exchange also offers a two-step verification process to its users and safety codes communications that ensure security codes are sent to specified account emails for their security. When it comes to protecting its user’s assets, Bitrue has taken dedicated insurance they will use to compensate its users in case their accounts are compromised during a security breach. 

Bitrue Exchange Review: Transactions on Bitrue

We can’t skip transactions in this Bitrue review. Transactions on Bitrue can be made using either credit or debit cards. Users should note that a significant amount of trading transactions is done using the XRP token. Therefore, due to the demand for this token, the fees incurred by traders using XRP are more than those using any other tokens. Importantly, Bitrue gives its clients a 20% discount if they pay their fees using the native BTR token. 

The Bitrue Platform

The Bitrue platform is a crowded one when it comes to supported cryptocurrencies. However, compared to other crypto exchanges, Bitrue has surpassed several cryptos regarding the number of cryptocurrencies they deal with. 

Spot-trading fees of Bitrue are also very fair and are among the least. Regarding other general features, Bitrue crypto exchange is similar to other exchanges with no significant difference.

Bitrue Mobile Application

Bitrue trading platform, like the majority of all other exchanges, has a mobile application. The app is available for both Android phones and iOS devices on their respective mobile app stores. Bitrue app enables you to have a reliable and close relationship with all your assets, including your cold wallets and Bitcoin cash.

Mobile apps can also exchange Bitcoin, USDT, XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin, and dozens of different altcoins following the web-based functionalities. As a platform with a highly responsive and smooth user interface, one can also keep up with the latest news about their highly volatile and digital assets.

Bitrue, like other exchanges, has an API for those who want to analyze the information in their fashion. API stands for Application programming interface, which can send out a string of any desired information between two devices.

Bitrue Review – Conclusion

Looking at the Bitrue exchange review crypto exchange, we can conclude that it is a well-designed platform with the best features for its users.

Users can make their deposits either by choosing their desired coin and sending it through their crypto address or by a QR code regarding deposits and trading. For those who wonder whether Bitrue is legit, the platform ranks as one of the most trusted and secure exchanges. If you are new to the trading platform, Bitrue would be an excellent place to invest your crypto. 

Bitrue Sign-Up Bonus and Claim the Bitrue Welcome Bonus

It’s a welcoming experience as you start to begin with the best exchange for your specific needs. New users can sign up/register using their email and phone number.

Are you interested in joining Bitrue? Are you searching for a Bitrue invite code? If so, be to use my invite code WQWEZGZ to receive an exclusive bonus of up to $3000 and 40% off trading fees!

So why wait? Sign up today using my invite code WQWEZGZ and start enjoying all the benefits that Bitrue has to offer!

If you are a new customer on, you can avail of the promo code ‘WQWEZGZ‘ which can be entered on the register page. By using this referral code, you can trade in cryptocurrency spot trading, derivatives, and altcoins. The ‘WQWEZGZ‘code is valid for the year 2024.

Additionally, the Bitrue referral code is also valid today and can be used for trading purposes in your country.

  • Newcomer Benefits: Limited to once per user, complete rookie tasks to earn rewards
  • Futures Rewards: Limited to once per user, complete futures tasks to earn rewards
  • Spot Rewards: Limited to once per user, complete rookie tasks to earn rewards

How to Apply Bitrue Invite Code?

The Bitrue invite code is given to individuals who are yet to register on the exchange. The code can be used to claim a bonus. Here are the steps to apply the referral code:

1. Visit the Bitrue website and click on the yellow ‘SignUp button.

2. Fill in all the required details accurately since KYC and AML verifications may be necessary.

3. When prompted for the invite code, enter WQWEZGZ.

4. Complete the registration process by verifying your email address and setting up two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security.

5. Once you have completed the registration process and made your first deposit, you should see the bonus reflected in your account balance.

That’s it! We hope that our Bitrue review helped you. You can now enjoy all the benefits of being a Bitrue user.

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