23+ Telegram Channels you MUST Join Now

23+ Telegram Channels you MUST Join Now

Telegram is the King of messaging apps that has not been discovered by many people globally. Of recent, many people across the globe are moving in a hurry to install this application and perhaps uninstall WhatsApp and other messaging applications. The reason is that Telegram has super important features that most messaging apps don't support yet. These features include:

  1. Telegram groups support up to 200,000 members this is hundreds of times beyond WhatsApp which at the time of writing this article it only supports 257 members per group.
  2. Telegram is a cloud-based application. This means that whether you uninstall it accidentally or lose your phone, you can still get back your messages when you install it back. Your messages won't be lost.
  3. Telegram has Channels, these basically allow people to subscribe to them and then the messages broadcasted by that specific channel will get to them. Let's say you have a brand that has followers, you can make a telegram channel and tell your followers to subscribe to them so that you can be updating them through that channel.
  4. Telegram is perhaps the most secure application in the universe, in fact, telegram messages are self-destructive. This means that they can delete themselves under a specific circumstance. If you take around seven months before logging into your account, your account and messages will automatically delete themselves.
  5. You can use Telegram to as cloud storage; in Telegram, there is no limitation on the size of the file you want to upload. Whether is as small as 2mbs or as large as you think, telegram still supports.
  6. Telegram has an instant view feature whereby if you have a blog you want to instantly display to your followers in the telegram, a bot(robot) can help you process the post and make it available to your followers instantly at the click of a button whether offline or online. These are just but a few of the dozens of features Telegram supports that other messaging applications don't. Having said that, what are some of the telegram groups and channels that you MUST join this year?

Top 23+ Telegram Groups in Kenya

If you are looking for Kenya Telegram groups, then use the below list to get your desired channel.

Let me list them below:

Group Name

Joining Link


Join Now

Nairobi News

Join Now

All Jobs In Kenya

Join Now

Crazy Monday

Join Now

Jobs Kenya

Join Now

eDaily Kenya

Join Now


Join Now

eDaily Kenya

Join Now

Alphas, Betas & Omegas

Join Now

Literotica (Erotic Stories)

Join Now


Join Now

Vitu Kali

Join Now

If you have a channel or a group that hasn't been listed here, reach out to me.

Telegram Channels Establishment: Main Features

One-way communication

Telegram channels allow you to build your own place where you can post updates (text, video, voice, image, location, sticker, contact or file) and manage one-way communication - broadcast. What it means is that none of your subscribers can comment, share or like the content you upload there.

In an age where all emphasis is on bilateral communication and all social networks encourage us to take part and respond, the possibility of unilateral communication is a refreshing opportunity, that disable verbal violence or any other negative form of discussion (unless you are yourself send such messages, of course). This is similar to sending a newsletter, just without all the preparation of building the newsletter and its content, and at a much faster pace.

Still, unilateral communication has its drawbacks. To me, the big downside is a subscriber's inability to give immediate feedback on the updates that published up on the channel. In a blog or social networks, like LinkedIn, it is incredibly easy - as a reader you can simply comment, share, like, or just join the discussion, asking what you want and take an active part.

Powerful solution - always give a human address

So, how to overcome this on a Telegram channel? I found a great way - just make sure to give every update a human address that wants to continue the connection, if there are subscribers (readers) that want to engage with the update. 

For example, if I share an update on an upcoming delegation coming from abroad, I will finish the update with a contact person from that delegation, usually with his or her professional title, LinkedIn account and email address. That way anyone can contact them. (Of course, I do make sure to ask for their approval before posting)

Restrictions on number of subscribers

Contrary to known restrictions from groups in WhatsApp, where you can join up to 256 people, in Telegram groups you can gather up to 200,000 people. On the Telegram channels (which this guide deals with) you have no limit to the number of subscribers!

Full channel history

Unlike the well-known groups in WhatsApp, where everyone who joins the group is exposed to messages and content of the group only from the moment he or she joined (meaning he or she has no ability to flip back and watch the history of the conversation), on Telegram channels, all the content that was shared, from the time of establishment of the channel - available to anyone. This is a huge advantage when building a long-term activity.

Statistics and more information

Unlike, for example, LinkedIn groups, it's hard to understand who are your Telegram subscribers really are (meaning - what is their profession, seniority, age, etc.)

You can scroll through and see lots of user names, but if he or she is not on your contact list (someone you know), you don't really have any information about them. However, every message you publish present a live counter of views:


When it comes to content, it is very important to ask yourself the following questions: Which topics will your channel cover? Who are the target audience and what gives them a real value? Do you have a basic knowledge of the subject and do you have the passion to search and look for this content and become the person that feeds updates and make sure to stream them neatly into your channel? 

Please notice: like any valuable activity, Telegram channel management requires time, passion and effort.

How do you know if your content is good? Ask yourself a simple question - would you like to be notified and read this content? Would you find this updated valuable? In fact, the challenge of managing a Telegram channel is twofold. Not only does content need to have a real value, it also has to come in such a way that it does not interfere with the subscriber's day routine, who might get a push-notification as you share something. 

For that matter, if a newsletter can be sent at midnight since the email will wait for the recipient when he/she opens the email app, it is not the case when sending updates on Telegram channels, as many are getting it as push updates.

Telegram channel opening - step by step

Ok, let's do this!

Step 1 - Open the Telegram app and click the "New Message" button

Step 2 - Select "New Channel"

Step 3 - Channel details 

In the channel details it is important to give it a name that expresses the content and the goal of your activity, same with the photo (but do try to have a photo that will be prominent enough when viewed among the many channels of your subscribers)

Description - It is important to take advantage of the description option in order to give a slightly broader description of the channel, the number of characters is limited so it needs to be short and clear. In addition, I recommend giving an email or any way to contact you (as the manager of the channel) if your subscriber wants to contribute updates, offer collaborations, etc.

Step 4 - Public or Private? 

If you choose to set up a ‘private’ channel, people will not be able to find your channel in Telegram search, just via a link. If you select the ‘public’ channel option, Telegram users will find you on Telegram search, and you will be able to design a custom URL, and also allow people to view the channel even without a Telegram account.


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