How to Apply for a Kenyan Passport on eCitizen

How to Apply for a Kenyan Passport on eCitizen

This is a guide on how to apply for a Kenyan passport. Before we begin, let us see what a passport is. A passport is a travel document issued by the government to its citizens.

Its main reason is international travel. It contains relevant information about the holder. The Kenyan government is currently issuing e-passports.

They contain an embedded microchip and thus they are machine-readable. They are difficult to counterfeit. If you are planning to travel, ensure you apply for your passport early.

The process of applying, renewing, and replacing a lost passport is almost the same.

Requirements for Successful Passport Application

  • Applicants must appear in person for Biometric Enrolment.
  • An eCitizen pre-filled passport application form and payment invoice.
  • Original birth certificate and one photocopy.
  • Original National ID Card and one photocopy.
  • Three current passport-size photos.
  • One photocopy of the recommender’s ID card.
  • Old passport for replacement plus photocopies of its last three pages.
  • Photocopies of parents’ National ID cards or Death Certificates (if deceased).
  • For a lost Passport, an affidavit, a police abstract, and an explanation letter are required.
  • For a mutilated Passport, an explanation letter is required to explain the circumstances of the mutilation.

Current Kenyan Passport Application Fees

Passport Type

Fee (Kshs)

32 Pages Ordinary “A” Series

Kshs. 4,550

48 pages Ordinary “B” Series

Kshs. 6,050

64 Pages Ordinary “C” Series

Kshs. 7,550

Diplomatic passport (48 pages)

Kshs 7,550

Mutilated Passport

Kshs 10,050

Lost Passport

Kshs 12,050

This Is How You Apply for a Kenyan Passport

  1. Log into the eCitizen account. 
  2. Click on the Immigration services ePassport option.
  3. Under the ‘Our Services’ option click on ‘Passport Application’.
  4. Select the category which is either your application or for a child under eighteen years. In this case, we are going to assume it is your application.
  5. Indicate if you have dual nationality. That is if you are a citizen of two countries.
  6. Select the passport type you are applying for. A diplomatic passport is issued to Diplomats who travel overseas for official government business. An ordinary passport is for citizens without diplomatic ties.
  7. Select the application type from the list. These are the available options; first-time application, replacement of the previous passport, change of passport particulars, mutilated passport, and lost passport.
  8.  Select the number of pages, 34, 50, and 66 pages. If you travel a lot, you should go for the bigger one. There are times you will not find specific pages, select the one available.
  9. Fill your details accurately and note that the ones with an asterisk must be filled.
  10. Enter the parent’s details. The options are parent details available, unavailable or deceased.
  11. The next stage is to indicate two next of kin details. These are people who can be contacted in case of anything and thus should be people close to you.
  12. Indicate if you have children.
  13. Upload all the required documents. When scanning, the format should be JPEG, PNG or JPG and the file size less than 195 KB.
  14. Click complete and make payment. After payment, make a booking for photo capture and biometrics.
  15. You can now print the forms ready to present them at the immigration office you have selected.

Go for Biometrics and Digital Photo

Once you apply for a Kenyan passport, you have to take the printouts and copies to the immigration station you selected. After you visit the station and complete the due process, you go back home and wait for the document to be processed.

Once it is ready, you will be notified via message. Make a booking for collecting the ready passport. That is the process of how to apply for a Kenyan passport. Note that if you are renewing or applying for a lost passport, you will follow the same procedure.

Passport Booking and Collection Portal

After you successfully apply for a Kenyan passport and personally submit the forms, the next step is to book the collection of the passport. Ready passports are delivered to the Posta of your choice.

How to Track Status of Your Passport

  • Access the Passport Booking and Collection Portal to track status of your passport.
  • Enter your tracking number and click on ‘track my passport’.
  • Enter your personal details as required.
  • Select a convenient Postal Office of delivery.
  • Choose your convenient date of collection which is 48 hours after payment. Just indicate the date you are booking and the system will give you the collection date.
  • Submit your details and choose a mode of payment.
  • Present yourself on the date and postal office you have selected to collect your passport.
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