2024: Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You!

2024: Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You!
What would happen if tomorrow you woke up and decided to go out into the world being your bold, brave, authentic self? If reading that sentence just gave you anxiety, you’re not alone. Sometimes being bold, brave, and you feels impossible.

When was the last time you chose to show up being bold, brave and you? How did it feel? What actions did you take that were bold and brave? Now wave a magic wand and picture what it would look like if you did all the bold and brave things in 2024.

You matter. You make a difference. You are worth it.

This year you get to take back your life. You get to show up in a way you have never shown up before. You get to live boldly, bravely, and passionately as your authentic selves free from every single burden that has ever held you back. We are all destined to fly free dear ones. All of us. We are the ones who stand in our own way. We may point the finger at our partners or loved ones or bosses or coworkers or parents or whomever and want to blame them. But we keep ourselves locked in a cage holding the key to our own freedom.

The world has been waiting for you to be bold and brave. All the lessons that have led up to this year have shown you that your fear is just an illusion and you are more than capable of being the beautiful, successful, man or woman or non-binary person that your heart so desires.

Since now, have you put all your eggs in someone else's basket? Have you feared taking that giant leap forward? Are you tired of the negative self-talk that continues to hold you back? Do you fear someone is going to leave you if you heal your heart? Do you fear that you will leave them if you heal your heart? Are you afraid of diving in, starting over, beginning anew, or letting go?

We all are. That is part of being human~seeing that fear is truly an illusion. We can get absolutely engulfed in fear to the point that we numb out, ignore, run, or even hide. But that does nothing for anyone at the end of the day.

You are destined for greatness. I promise you that. There is nothing stopping you from living your truth and relishing in your brilliance but you.

Step out of your own way.

This year, no matter what challenges you face, what negativity you encounter, or what heartache crosses your path, show up boldly. Hold your own heart in your hands and cradle your sacredness. Stay true to your own essence, for life's great ocean can be fun if we learn how to ride ALL the waves, not just the small ones.

This year, give yourself permission to be bold, to push yourself, and get comfortable with the uncomfortable yet powerful, life-changing positive growth that is awaiting you!


Life requires courage. I don’t mean that existing requires courage – anyone can exist. But, to really live life as God intended us to live, we have to be brave enough to do so. To fully live, one must be willing to take risks, and sometimes step out in faith. So go ahead – Be bold. Be Brave. Be Yourself.


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