Spills on Your Computer? — Do This!

Spills on Your Computer? - Do This!

What to do after a spill? So you have spilt some liquid accidentally on your laptop. It’s a Nightmare!

You are at your home or workplace totally concentrating on a task while sipping your coffee, tea, cola, or water. And bang! You spill some over your laptop. Has this ever happened to you?

This is a most common scenario with our phones and laptops. For phones, we know the age-old method to soak it in a rice bag if they get wet, but a laptop is a different and serious case.

Do not panic! And try and handle the situation following the below steps to keep your laptop safe from liquid damage:

Most Noteworthy, these procedures may violate your warranty or possibly cause other laptop issues.

1. Unplug your laptop and remove the battery immediately. It is suggested to detach the system from any source of power, every second will be counted in the damage to the data and system. Also, once the power is cut, remove the battery if the model allows doing so, and do not re-attach it for at least 24 hours.

2. Remove any detachable components after detaching the power source and the battery if possible. It is now time to remove everything that is possible to detach from the system. Remove all the cards from the slot, all the drives, keyboard, mouse, etc. Make sure that each component you detach is clean and absent from the liquid presence. You need to rinse and clean them properly as mentioned in the below steps to be sure of this.

3. Rinse your laptop. This may sound weird but it is suggested to wash all the components of the laptop except the screen with distilled water to minimize the presence of non-water materials in your laptop, Repeat the process at least twice for each component.

4. Hand-dry your laptop of any sitting liquid. Once you have to rinse your laptop with distilled, the next step is to hand-dry your laptop. Try to be precise with this process with all possible components. Any particle left can cost a lot, but the next step can take care of the same.

5. Clean your entire laptop. Clean with a specific solution and Q-tip. After the above step, most of the liquid presence would have been taken care of. But there would be some small hidden spots which will require your extra attention. For such components use alcohol solution and Q tip and with utmost concentration try and clean any place that came in contact with the liquid. Repeat this step at least twice, till you are sure of the implementation.

6. Let your laptop sit and dry for a minimum of 24 hours. Do not even think of reattaching any of the components back at least before 24 hours. Also, do not try to hurry in drying using heat etc. The chances are you will end up damaging it even more.

In case none of the above solves the problem, it is suggested to contact experts for the same.

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