A pretty face is not the only thing you need to keep a man

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Beauty is the quality of being pleasing to look at, appealing and attractive, one would say, a pretty face is not the only thing you need to keep a man. We are forever bombarded with products supposed to make people more beautiful; stereotype beauties are flaunted giving a lot of emphasis on external beauty, on who is the fairest of us all. Ironically, one may be perceived as beautiful while on the slip side, they do not see themselves as beautiful and may have a poor self-image and a low self-esteem, despite their good looks.

Beauty is perceived as revolutionary, determined by genes. Beauty is judged in various ways by different people, mainly focusing on outward appearance which is superficial and encourages people to make their decisions based only on what they can see, how limiting is that. Everyone desires beauty and to appeal to another, particularly their lovers. The saying goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Beauty is mostly defined by the onlooker.

Characteristics of inner beauty that wife materials should possess

Beauty is not static, it is constantly changing with influences of media, culture, religion, modern trends including fashion. Contrary to what is told, beauty is beyond skin deep, it is not only about outward appearance, but even much more so inner beauty.

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