Women Should Consider Careers in the Tech Sector. See Why!

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Women who want to work in tech, listen up: The industry needs you, and it’s never been a more opportune time to pursue a career in IT.

Life is too short to spend most of the day doing work that doesn’t excite or inspire you. For young women interested in the technology space, it’s an exciting time to get in the game and shape how technology can be used to advance the well-being of their communities.


There are no limits on what is possible.
Kesha Cash, General Partner, Impact America Fund

If you watch popular TV shows ranging from “Big Bang Theory” to “Mr. Robot” to “NCIS,” you may have noticed certain common themes in the way characters in technical or scientific jobs are portrayed. For the most part, they’re nerds. Geeks. Brainiacs. They drink Red Bull, love Star Trek, and obsess over World of Warcraft. Sure, they’re smart – but they’re also quirky, socially awkward, and usually male.

As with all stereotypes, the reality is far more nuanced – but the perceived male-dominated “geek culture” of many high-tech companies and startups does turn many women off. That’s one reason there’s a major national campaign underway to attract young American women to careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), including mentoring programs, robotics competitions, girls’ coding camps, and even Super Bowl half-time ads.


It’s hard to find any job today that doesn’t include the use of computers, so writing a basic programming code is a useful skill. That doesn’t mean you must be a hardcore programmer to work in the IT sector, however. Across the nation and around the planet, there are myriad opportunities for women to be involved in technology other than coding, including sales and marketing, user training, account management, customer and membership services, procurement, or system administration.

Current demographic trends clearly indicate that there will be tremendous global opportunities for women in the technology sector, including start-ups. 

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