Top Ten Nail Parlours In Nairobi.

Top Ten Nail Parlours In Nairobi.

When you look good it’s undeniable you’ll feel good. From ages ago, nail care has become a very important part of beauty and self-care. Every woman enjoys a nice relaxing pedicure or manicure. Be it grooming your natural nails are getting any type of nail extension, what a woman wants is a set of perfectly manicured nails. The following is a list of some of the top nail salons in Nairobi.

1. Luxe Nail Parlour 

Luxe Nail Parlour is a nail salon that’s located along Moi Avenue on the 10th floor of Bihi Towers. It was opened in the year 2014 and ever since then it has grown and evolved into one of the top nail salons in the city. Luxe Nail Parlour offers a range of nail-related services either on your natural nails or artificial nail extensions. They are open daily except on Sundays and make sure to book an app before showing up.

2. Leos Salon

Leos Salon is a franchise that has existed in Nairobi for several years now. It currently has a total of 3 exquisite salons in Nairobi. It was opened to primarily cater to all hair and beauty needs for men, women, and children. Leos offers a variety of nail services including gel application, acrylic manicures, chrome nails, paraffin manicures, French manicures, natural nail grooming, reverse French manicures and so much more. Their prices are relatively affordable and customer care top-notch.

3. Delish Nail Bar

Delish Nail Bar is a nail salon that is located along Moi Avenue Nairobi on the 11th floor of Bihi Towers. They specialize in Gel application, acrylics, overlays, tips, stickons and lash extensions. The services at Delish Nail Bar are professional and can be as artistic as you the client wants them to be. They believe in simple elegance and the fact that every day is a good day to get your nails done.

4. Lareine Nail Spa

Lareine Nail Spa is one of the most affordable nail salons in Nairobi. It is located in The Goshen Gardens. They also offer nail art services right at your doorstep and you can get pampered at the comfort of your own home: how convenient. Be sure to call and book your appointment to enjoy attractive prices and timely appointments at Lareine Nails Spa. 

5. Posh Palace

Posh Palace is a Hair Studio and Spa located at Sifa Towers in Kilimani. Posh Palace offers an exemplary range of services all in their Barbershop, Hair studio, Nail bar, and pedicure spa garden. Their nail services are offered at the Diamond Nail Bar. Ranging from spa specials to tips and gel apply, the Posh palace is the place to book your next pedicure or manicure appointment. Their friendly and professional staff light up the whole place making it so conducive for relaxing as you get pampered. 

6. Ora Nail Spot

Ora Nail Spot is one of the frequently visited Nail salons in Nairobi’s Central Business District. It is located on the 2nd suite on the 8th floor of Bihi Towers. At Ora Nail Spot, customer satisfaction comes first. It is open Monday – Sunday for both appointments and Walk-ins. Some of the services they offer include Gel application, acrylics, overlays, tips and stickons. One thing about Ora Nail Spot is that their services are going to last you a very long time and you won’t experience premature chipping or separation.

7. Fabian The Brand Nail Salon

Fabian Nails is the number one nail Salon in Kenya. Their motto is always at your service and it’s made up of a team delivering only excellence to both appointments and walk-in clients. It is located. It is located along Moi Avenue on the 4th floor of Bazaar plaza. Fabian Nail Salon is referred to as the home of acrylics because their services in that regard are unmatched. Some of their services include Sculpted nails, acrylics, gel, overlays, stick-on, manicures, pedicures and soak offs. You can also get Art stones and glitters added to your nail design at an additional cost. 

8.Devarana Spa

Devarana Spa is a luxury spa and massage in Dusit Hotel. The spa was established to offer some of the most outstanding services with the aim of letting you relax and unwind. Devarana Spa is located at 14 Riverside Drive. Devarana Spa is open daily from 10 AM to 7 PM. The name of the spa originates from a Thai Word meaning garden in heaven. You can also get your nails done here while enjoying a nice soothing massage. 

9. Glam Factor Ke

Glam factor Ke is located along Daddah street in Nairobi. It’s a beauty salon with professionals that are experts in nail artistry, gel polish, eyelash extensions, 3-D eyebrows, and make-up. Their services are very affordable and you’re allowed to be as creative as you want with your choice in design. The stones and decorations are charged separately. At Glam factor Ke, they also do eyebrow shaping as well as Heena. They have offers on specific days where you can get either a glass of wine or a cup of tea as you get your nails done. 

10. Ashleys Hair and Beauty Salon

Ashley’s hair and beauty salon is one of the top beauty service providers in Nairobi. They offer services such as microweaving, spa services, facials, manicures, pedicures, reflexology, bubbling, locks, acrylics, and gel. Their mission is to completely transform the beauty industry by putting professionalism at the top of the list of qualifications required by their staff. At Ashley‘s Hair and Beauty salon, you get to relax as they service your nails to give you a look that complements your style. You can also get your hands and feet bathed, massaged, and exfoliated.

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