When one is finished with the entire procedure of applying for a national Identity card, one should sit tight for the identity card to be handled. The holding up period is evaluated to last between six to about two months. During that time, the candidate is relied upon to hold in their own awaiting up card, which fills in as their national identity card.

Previously, the candidate would sit and hold up until the holding up period is finished. After that, they would go to the workplace of the District official to check if their personality card had been prepared or not. As a rule, candidates would be advised to hold up somewhat more if it had not been developed at this point. This brought about candidates making purposeless excursions forward and backward the Office of the District official until they got the character card.

With the innovation, the candidate would now be able to follow the advancement during the time spent preparing their identity card in only a couple of steps. This should be possible either on the web or by sending a short message. In the case of checking on the internet, one will require a web association with interface with Here, they will be required to enter the initial nine digits of the sequential or serial number of their identity cards. The sequential or serial number can be effectively perused from the waiting card that the candidate gets following applying for the identity card.

If the candidate can’t get to the web, they can, without much of a stretch, send a short message to the number 2031. The substance of this short message ought to be the sequential or serial number of the identity card as it were. At the point when the message is got, the candidate will, at that point, get an answer with the status of the advancement during the time spent making their national identity card in a brief time.

Checking the status of your national identity card is very simple through the steps below, and instant feedback is guaranteed.


Ways of checking id status online

There are two best methods of checking the status of any id online in Kenya. Most people check the status of their various id applications to find out or approximate the date the identifiers will be ready for collection. To check id status online, you may choose to use the SMS platform or the internet platform via a website. Because many individuals are unable to access internet services, the SMS platform is the best choice for such individuals.

How to check id status via an SMS platform

A working SMS plan and at least Ksh 5 are both required to help in the request procedure. In the event of deferral, resend the message and sit tight for as long as three days before difficult once more. Contact the Identity card specialist co-ops utilizing their official email address for any further inquiries on the off chance that all questions fall flat.


The procedure

  • Send another SMS from your cell phone
  • Enter nine digits of your waiting Card. The nine figures represent the serial number
  • Send the SMS to 20031

How to check id status online on the internet via a website

Checking the status of Kenya’s national identity card should be possible online besides utilizing the SMS administration and physically visiting the region office. Online administration entrance would now be able to be gotten to at To discover the ID status through the fore referenced site, the candidate will be required to give subtleties, for example, the nine digits sequential or serial code imprinted on the waiting card. The waiting card is given when the candidate initially applies for an ID for the first time or when making a restoration.


Kenya National Registration Bureau is considered mindful of handling and dealing with the personality of all Kenyans through National Identification numbers. Kenyan ID application administrations would now be ably acquired effortlessly through different Huduma Centers found deliberately in all districts.

Kenya’s national identity card has bent into a need for individuals to arrive at different administrations offered by legislative and non-legislative foundations. status offers a dependable road for individuals to find out about their applications at the solace of their homes.

Kenya is currently experiencing an intensive advanced revolution in which fundamental administrations would now be able to be accessed easily on the web. Enlistment of people Kenya has pulled in a few people to affirm their citizenship through national identity cards. search controls the habitation and passage of outsiders into the nation.

The workplace of migration limitations previously imparted in 1906 has filled continuously in as a mainstay of controlling Kenyan patriotism. Following the status of identity card, handling has, for some time, been hampered by protracted manual principles because of the later digitization of the procedure.

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